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How to apply to shoot

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Handle with care the dust from spent primers

Lead styphnate dust from spent primers is toxic and breaks down over time finely enough to waft up your nose if not contained. So claims a CZ forum, which should be heeded by all who reload.
      "Primers use lead styphnate as a binder and base for the priming compound," the post says. "This is more or less inert before the primer is detonated. The black granular material left over inside a spent primer is almost entirely lead styphnate because the explosive materials are consumed. This material is highly dangerous because it...breaks down into a dust that is readily inhaled."
      The poster puts cases straight from the ground into an old plastic shopping bag, deprimes without delay, bags the spent primers. which goes into trash, and showers. Overkill? You be the judge.

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Delay depriming risks a toxic dust invasion