Due to insufficient attendees at the scheduled AGM in May, we were unable to meet our quorum numbers as required under the constitution. Your support is crucial at the rescheduled AGM on Sunday June 25 at 9.00 am at the range. Be there!

Don't run short on attendances

This year's deadline for those whose longarm genuine reason is target and hunting has just passed. Pistol members have till November to put in their required attendances. Don't leave it to the last minute and find there aren't enough comp days left on the calendar to fit in all the shoots needed.

Qualify to hunt with an R-lience at Coolamatong range

Do your R-licence at Coolmatong (book using the link at left), which is recognised as an Approved Hunting Organisation for the purpose by the Game Council of NSW.
     Among other things, an R-licence gives you access to 460 state forests to hunt. Coolamatong has qualified instructors to take you through the instruction and test procedures.

Put your sale or want ads online now

A Victorian shooter Googled for a Timney trigger and found what he wanted on He's happy and so is the vendor. Don't hoard, put it on the Snowy Shooters sale board!


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Our IPSC boys show off more than their new IPSC team shirts in away competitions
Want to qualify to hunt? Do it here!
Glenn tries out one of the IPSC props
See Facilities for how the swinger works
Safety puts all spectators outside the gate