Facilities include 14 bays and concrete shooting benches under a covered firing line, five small ancillary sheds and the double garage-sized Coolamatong clubhouse with attached kitchen for basic cooking including gas BBQ. Electricity is supplied by a large generator.

The range itself is 500m with stop butts at 100, 200, 300, 375 and 500 metres.

There are Men's and Ladies' toilets.

The range facilities are used by outside groups such as NSW Police, Department of Corrections and National Parks & Wildlife to retain their firearms and to attend a compulsory familiarisation day annually.

The club holds silhouette, field rifle, 3 positional, benchrest, Western Action, ISSF and IPSC shoots.

Safety is top priority at Coolamatong. The Range Officer in charge of each shoot is under an obligation to ensure all range rules are followed to the letter, with no exceptions, for the protection of all in attendance. The RO is the "master of the day", to be obeyed at all times.

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The shooting benches are under cover
We have tough moving targets for IPSC
There's a club room, bbq and tea room to...
...add a cuppa to warm up the bull sessions