Competition matches

There are almost more matches than you could shoot in a lifetime. The following few will give you a mere taste of the vast variety both for the shooters who want action and those who are not so mobile but still up for a challenge.

Action a-plenty against the clock (and moving targets!)

IPSC: What can one say about this discipline?

Western Action: Big calibre six-shooters to begin with. As an example: five shots right to left and five left to right. Run to the shot-gun station. Blast the target and it pops a can into the air to be shot. Repeat. Run to the next station for a lever-action knock-down of five steels at longer range. Finish at even longer range on three more bigger steels. All dressed (if you get in the spirit of the event) in Wild West get-up.

Not needing athleticism (but still a challenge)

Benchrest: Rimfire and centrefire. Rifle supported on a rest gives precision in aiming. By taking the "shakes" out of the equation, you will learn the capabilities of your longarm and gain confidence in your ability to allow for other factors such as wind, trajectory, type of ammo and target variations. Then you're ready for harder challenges. (See also poster.)

Field rifle: In several stages, including shooting "off-hand" (ie, no external support) standing, then supported along a vertical post, standing and supported along a post, sitting or kneeling. Rimfire and centrefire. (See also poster.)

Metallic Silhouette: For rimfire and centrefire rifle; and pistol. Steel chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams, the last (at 500 metres for centrefire rifle) so small even through your riflescope that you'll wonder if anyone can knock them down. And you have to try for five of each type at ever increasing distances. But when they do go down, it's a hoot. (See also PICTURE GALLERY and poster.)

Lessening Time Stages Pistol: For rimfire (.22lr) over 25 metres. Twenty rounds precision (plenty of time), twenty rapid fire (20 second time limitation per string of five rounds), then another twenty where that time limitation is cut in half. And that includes raising your handgun (semi-auto or revolver) from 45 degrees! Tough!

And more!


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Libby conquers IPSC'S whiz-by "flasher"
IPSC is move and shoot against the clock
Benchrest rifle events number in the dozens
Western Action knocks down some big steel