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    Notice is hereby given ofthe Annual General Meeting of the SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch Inc

    DATE: Sunday 9th May 2021

    VENUE: Coolamatong Range, Coolamatong Road, Berridale

    TIME: Commencing at 9.00am

      For long arm shoots, please refer to the 2020 timetable

      • Social distancing requirements will apply at the range
      • Maximum of 8 shooters plus 2 range officers will be permitted at the Range at any one time
      • Self-declaration forms will be required to be completed by every member attending the range
      • Only snowy river branch members will be permitted at the range and P650 will remain suspended
      • Members are to bring their own pens, staplers (for fixing targets) on the day of their shoot – Equipment cannot be shared
      • A No Tolerance Policy for COVID-19 will be enforced at the range, members failing to adhere to these will expelled from the range
      A copy of the SSAA NSW COVID-19 Safety Plan CLICK HERE

      SSAA(NSW) Snowy River Branch Annual General Meeting will be held at the COOLAMATONG RANGE Clubhouse on Sunday June 28th 2020 Commencing at 9.00am Members will be emailed the AGM agenda over the coming week

      Shooting sports are full of surprises

      • Challenging (Count the ways! See below.)
      • Fun to spice up every weekend
      • Builds character, discipline and skills
      • Inexpensive (eg, compared with golf or boating)
      • Friendly (shooters will talk your head off!)
      • With competitions to challenge those who want fast action against the clock (like Western Action) as well as those not so active (as an extreme case, Libby Kosmala, nine times Paralympic gold medallist in air rifle, who, incidentally, baulked originally at the idea of taking up the sport in 1970)
      • For all ages from sub-teens to seniors (a 2006 gold and silver medal winner in skeet started shooting at age 11)
      • For both genders (that champ, Lauryn Mark, is both an Aussie and a woman, as is 2008 IPSC World Standard Lady Champion, Claire Giles)

      A hundred games to play (not counting hunting)

      You can take part in dozens of different shooting disciplines. Most have many divisions for various categories of firearm, creating a vast variety of challenges. At our range, we shoot pistol and rifle in both rimfire and centrefire. And shotgun (as part of Western Action). Catering for air pistol and rifle is in the pipeline.

      Gain your safe handling certification

      Do this at the range under the expert tutelage of an SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) qualified testing officer. This helps you gain your shooting licence. From there you can apply for a Permit to Acquire your own firearm.

      Gain your hunter's R-licence

      Do it at the range under the expert tutelage of our training officer specialising in gaining hunting/conservation status with the NSW Game Council, which entitles you to book shoots in NSW state forests.

      Most weekends at a well-equipped range

      Devoting half a day or more to the range is fun. Click Timetable at left. Click Facilities for more info on the venue.


      See Where to come to find us. Use Book a try-out. We'd love to see you whether you're an old hand, a shooter moving into the area, a complete newbie who's never shot before, a would-be hunter, a nonagenarian or a young-un of 12 years with a guardian. Come shoot with us. It's a real hoot.

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Western Action is one of many fun shoots
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